About Medical Transport Services

Long Distance Medical Transportation Services

MedSprinter provides long distance medical transportation (Minimum of 300 miles or minimum of 150 miles if from California or Florida). Non-emergency transfer services are available all types of patients, as well as is available for the elderly and a handicapped traveler. We offers nationwide, long distance medical transport services across the United States and state-to state (e.g. Florida to California, New York to Texas). Our medically equipped coaches include a private nurse,  2 professional drivers, a private bathroom, and a roomy interior so you can stand-up and walk around.

MedSprinter Coaches

About Our Medical Transportation Cruisers

  • MedSprinter is medical transportation cruiser designed for moving elderly seniors, handicap travelers comfortably long distances from 150 to 3000.
  • Size: Stand-up and walk around. The MedSprinter cruiser is much, much larger and longer and higher than a medical van or transport van, ambulance or ambulette.
  • Comfort: MedSprinter offers a comfortable air-cushion ride, is much heavier and longer than a van thus providing a smother ride.
  • Nurse: Experienced transport Nurse with emergency and intensive care training cares for the senior, elderly and handicap traveler.
  • Bed: Hospital type Multi-position Bed with bed rails; not a stretcher type bed.
    * Memory foam plus a therapeutic Constant Air Flow Hospital mattress
  • Drivers: Two (2) professional licensed and experienced in transporting patients.
  • Relative: a relative may travel with their loved one on most patient transfers.
  • Medically equipped: Cruiser contains oxygen, suction, and patient monitoring equipment for non emergency patient transfer.
    ** this is not an ambulance or a medical van with a “stretcher bed”.
  • Monitoring Patient: MedSprinter has a tracking GPS on-board so that the coordinators can monitor the trip. Transport coordinators are in contact with the medical team via cell phones throughout the trip.
  • Bathroom on-board:  private bathroom with privacy door.
    * no need to use public bathroom
  • Sleep: Patients can sleep through the night on a comfortable hospital type bed while traveling long distances state to state, interstate.
  • Food: Special Dietary needs are provided (refrigerator and microwave on-board).
  • Service: Door-to-door and bedside-to-bedside medical transport service:  We come to your bedside whether to your home or nursing home or hospital and take you all the way.
  • MedSprinter travels across the country providing long distance medical transports, state to state medical transports, nationwide national medical transport services from 150 to 3000 miles, for example California to Massachusetts.

Medical Transport Cruiser Services LogoFully equiped medical coach for non-emergency long distance patient transport

For more information on the MED Cruiser service, call us at 1-866-517-6388