Long Distance Medical Transportation Cost

Patient & Nurse

The cost of long distance medical transportation can vary between companies and is based on a wide variety of factors. When choosing a company to transport your loved one, friend, or patient, you must consider the following:

  • The level or quality of service
  • Ground or air transportation
  • What is my budget?
  • Does the company meet my medical needs and provide the necessary equipment?
  • Will I be kept up-to-date on the progress of the trip?
  • What are the company’s credentials and who makes up the medical crews?

These are just a few questions to consider when deciding on which medical transportation company to choose. In other words, the decision should not solely rely on who’s offering the service at the cheapest price! Companies will typically lower their standards and or level of service in order to undercut competitors. Does this seem like a company you’d like to do business with? Placing your loved one in the hands of a long distance medical transportation company is not easy, as the trips may last 40+ hours depending on total mileage. Now, imagine spending those 40+ hours in a van with only a stretcher on-board; doesn’t seem very comfortable or safe. Sacrificing service and quality in order to book a trip are not principles that Med Sprinter follows!

Med Sprinter’s Medical Transportation Cost

When you receive a quote on a Med Sprinter ground transport, the price will be all-inclusive. This means we calculate the total mileage, medical equipment and assistance needs, medical crew required, amenities included, stops on the way, and more. The bottom line is Med Sprinter doesn’t believe in hidden fees, and being up-front on the cost is our top priority. For the most accurate quote to be presented, we appreciate being providing as many details as possible such as: the person’s condition(s), origin and destination, medications needed, expected travel date, and any other comments we need to be aware of.

With an emphasis on patient care and safety, Med Sprinter always provides 2 professional drivers and a bedside nurse for all transports. Two professional drivers allows for driving non-stop, unless stops are planned. There is an additional bed for the drivers, who require rest lying down (Federal DOT Regulations), so you can rest assured that a tired driver won’t be at the wheel. A licensed and experienced bedside nurse accommodates and cares for the patient at all times, making sure medications are administered and providing medical support throughout the transport. Additional medical personnel can be added to the crew if requested or deemed necessary by our on-site physician, who oversees all medical transports.

MedSprinter long distance medical transportation

Medically Equipped Motor Coaches

medsprinter interior

Med Sprinter doesn’t use vans; we provide comfortable and luxurious motor coaches. Each coach is spacious, providing enough room to walk around freely and for bringing along a travel companion (yes, we’re pet friendly!). All coaches include a hospital bed and a private bathroom; no need to stop at a dirty public restroom! There are numerous amenities for enjoying the trip such as a kitchen, television with DVD player, furniture and more!

Contact us with any questions, concerns or for a quote. Or friendly and knowledgeable transportation coordinators are standing by to answer your call, contact us today at (800) 247-3671.

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