Non Emergency Medical Transport

Medically Equipped Motor Coach

The MedSprinter is a medically equipped luxury motor coach designed for seniors, the elderly, handicap travelers and vacationers who are in need of medical assistance to travel long distances. An ideal candidate for non emergency patient transportation is a person who is medically stable, yet still requires medical support.

Medical Transport Staff

Why travel by MedSprinter

MedSprinter offers the ideal solution for people with medical conditions who would otherwise not be able to travel comfortably within traditional methods of transportation.  Whether you are traveling to visit loved ones, transferring medical facilities, moving to a distant city or state, or are traveling for a vacation, we offer a luxurious and private experience built to suite your needs. We are pet friendly!

In addition, Non Emergency Medical Transport services provided by MedSprinter consist of a professional team of coordinators, Medical Transport Nurses, drivers, and physicians.

Fully equipped medical coach for non-emergency long distance medical transportation

We Make The Trip Easy

• Help with planning, meals and lodging.
• We provide the medical care and a nurse.
• We do all the driving.

Non Emergency Medical Transport Examples

Leisure Travel to Family Events

• Medical Facility Transfer
• Long Distance Moves
• Family Reunions
• Vacations
• Anniversary Celebrations
• Weddings 
• Special Birthday Party
• Receptions
• Graduations
• Holidays: Christmas, Easter, etc.

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